The constant pursuit of new commissions has brought me to this image and a new short story…

This is a character from a new short story I am writing and was destined for a competition run by the ‘Thought Bubble Comic Con’ in Leeds this year that carried a deadline of 1st Oct. A hasty and somewhat panicked few nights of story crafting and layouts produced the basic plot and an opening sequence of events. So I ploughed into producing the artwork, however I simply ran out of time before I had even inked half of the page. Without wanting to waste the story I have continued to develop the plot and characters and feel like it could be a tangible project.

So I feel the best course of action is to give it to you for free and hopefully generate some interest in my stories and artwork.

Tonight I have finished inking the competition page and will add the text in the next few days. The character in this image represents the feel of this story particularly well; mysterious, purposeful and carrying an overbearing sense of power.

I intend to deliver this story to you, my best critics, as I write and complete each chapter and ask that you are patient for each instalment as the story is not complete yet. I would even entertain input from anyone who has a flare for story telling once the story is under way.

Until then ‘The Weapon’ will remain a mystery…

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