THE WEAPON is a fast paced adventure that unravels with each turn of the page. The main protagonists are on the run constantly and always only just ahead of the ever pressing threats, with the clock ticking relentlessly. A story of survival, fighting for the greater good and the understanding that creating immense destructive power only ever leads to one thing… DESTRUCTION!The-Driver



The story has been illustrated in black ink on A3 paper, then scanned and reworked in Manga Studio EX4 on the computer. The book is 136 pages long which includes an ‘Extras’ section at the back with sketches, technical drawings and examples of my working process.


I am really excited to announce the addition of a ‘Pin-Up’ gallery in the back of the book with stunning artwork from Alex Smart, Katherine McEwen, Katie Buckett, Nick Roche-Gordon, Clare Clayton and Alli Eynon, all of whom are extremely talented and offer an exciting new perspective of my characters.


Although the Kickstarter project has closed you can still see the campaign on their website if you are keen to find out how the project was funded. Thank you to all the backers for your support; the book has been published because of your help and faith in a new author.


THE WEAPON, Published by Ink Pot Graphicsipg_Full_logo_SMALL

All content, artwork, stories and images are protected under copyright ©mattbuckett2016

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